Customer Case—Ningbo Vichnet X Zhejiang Gold Intelligent Suspension

What is the process from identifying the customers’ needs to having the installed safety fence in place and ready for use? Our sales engineer at Vichnet described his experience.

From Concept to Installation
What is the process from identifying the customers’ needs to having the installed safety fence in place and ready for use? Our sales engineer at Vichnet described his experience.

Zhejiang Gold Intelligent Suspension Corp is an auto, and motorcycle components manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. They focus on the production and sales of various types of automobile shock absorbers, covering more than 1,000 different types of cars. Products from them have passed the ISO9001 system and ISO/TS16949 certification. Gold is always striving to be in line with international quality standards and high-level management to satisfy clients’ needs. The company's products are mainly exported to many countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

As for Vichnet, the safety fence solution could be regarded as one of the typical application cases in the field of machinery, let’s understand more the case step by step.

Step 1 – Risk and needs analysis
“Our collaboration with Gold has accelerated in recent times. For them, it is the key project. They not only focus on safety but also care about the presented appearance, aesthetic and functionality should be incorporated perfectly,” our sales engineer explains. In this project, the safety fence was mainly used for the protection of production equipment in the shock absorber workshop.

In terms of safety, transparent PC boards were installed on the periphery of the fence to prevent the leakage of water vapor, hot air, and debris splashed by the machine during production.

As for the aesthetics, since the main colors of the production equipment of the assembly line are white and orange, the mesh panels and bars were selected in white, and the columns were customized with a special color of bright orange (RAL2008). The overall white and orange seem harmonious.

Step 2 – Designing
According to the site environment, equipment size, spacing, etc., the technical team of Vichnet fully communicated with Gold and finally confirmed the design plan.

In the whole scheme, the design of the door is the key point, and it is very important to choose the appropriate door type and reasonable layout. “We need to consider the space situation on site, and also should take into account the functionality, thus workers could easily access processed parts and make regular maintenance of equipment easily.” Sales engineer said.

But things not always went so smoothly, we came across some installation problems, and accordingly, we made some adjustments.

In one of the production lines, since the distance between the equipment was too short, it became much more inconvenient for entering, so the double sliding door with 2-step rail was adopted.

Besides, another problem was the gap between the production line was very small, there was no space to install the hinged door, thus the folding door became the solution.

Step 3 – Agreement and delivery
After the safety fence solution was done, a quote request was sent to our sales engineer, we have competitors, of course, but Gold still chose us for this project, which is mainly because we have qualified products, customized service, and good display effects.

The whole process, from the risk analysis to the completed installation, takes four to six weeks. There’s a lot of planning from our side. Getting the products delivered from Vichnet and fitted usually takes a week or so. This project provides us with a new idea for customized services. In addition to the quality of the product itself, safety, flexibility, aesthetics, and customized services have always been the focus of our attention. As the drafter of national standards, Vichnet is committed to providing professional intelligent safety protection solutions to create a safe, clean, beautiful, and standardized production environment for our clients.