Machine Guarding

● Intelligent safety protection expert(Partitioning solution / Machine
guarding solution / Access management sulotion / Cable management
solution / Impact protection solution)
● The drafter of national standards
Member of national machinery safety standardization technical committee.
 The drafter national standard of "mechanical safety, fence protection systems, safety requirements".
 The drafter national standard of "a fixture close to a machine part 1-4".
The drafter group standard of "welded wire mesh safety guardrail" .


Machine guarding solution

Safety PLC

Model:KKCK-WCPZ-SFPLC001 Description:"20 safety inputs, up to 8 points can be configured as auxiliary output 4 safety semiconductor outputs - safety levels up to PL E and SIL CL 3 4 test pulse outputs, up to 4 can be configured as standard output,up to 6 expansion modules can be connected to the right Up to 256 connections in PNOZmulti Configurator,which use the chip card as the storage medium"

Safety relay

Model:KKCK-WCPZ-SFRY001 Description:It is composed of several relays and circuits to improve safety performance

Button cel

Model :KKCK-TYX4-LA42-PD10G-J01-SET Description: It consists of button box and button with light, optional 1 hole, 2 hole, 3 hole and 4 hole, the color of the button is generally red (emergency stop), green, yellow, blue Accessories:Button unit fixing kit

Magnetic safety switch

Model:KKCK-WCPZ-SFLOCK003 Description: "Non-contact magnetic switch Effective induction distance:10mm Output: 2NC Safety interlock up to ISO 13849-1 PL= E" Output:dry contact

Safety light curtain

Model:KKCK-GTYP1000-NPN-920-C-SET Description:"Safety light curtain with transmitter and receiver Height:1000mm Effective protection height :920mm Output:NPN 1 normally closed." Accessories: Safety light curtain x2. L-shaped small stand x4; 2500mm cable x2 Output:

Modular signal tower light

Model: KKCK-QZ60-Y10B-5PJ-RYG-SET Description: Modular and programmable warning light, each layer is an independent module, you can choose the number of lights and color, the general default is three colors. Accessories: Modular signl tower light x1; L-shaped fixing kit x1 Output:

Safety door bolt

Model:KKCK-WCPZ-SFDRBT-SET Description:Safety door bolt that can be used with safety switch Surface Treatment:Electro galvanized and power coating Thickness:

Safety switch

Model:KKCK-WCPZ-SFLOCK001 Description:"A safety switch with safety lock function for gate position detection holding force :1500N contact: 4 normally closed voltage: 24 V interlock classifications: up to PLd" Accessories:bolt Output:dry contact