● Intelligent safety protection expert(Partitioning solution / Machine
guarding solution / Access management sulotion / Cable management
solution / Impact protection solution)
● The drafter of national standards

Machine Guarding

Member of national machinery safety standardization technical committee.
 The drafter national standard of "mechanical safety, fence protection systems, safety requirements".
 The drafter national standard of "a fixture close to a machine part 1-4".
The drafter group standard of "welded wire mesh safety guardrail" .


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Vichdraw is a convenient online tool for fence solution design. You can design easily through drawing perimeter lines, then the software would automatically generate 2D drawing, 3D model and BOM.
Website: http://vichnet.f3322.net:28603/#/vichdraw
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    When the whole project is completed, and the cable tray is already delivered, if there is a problem with the product itself, it may lead to corrosion situation in just a few years or even a few months, thus the property loss caused by the replacement is much higher than the product itself.
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    On a fresh winter morning, we check the temperature, put on warm clothes, turn on the heater, and make ourselves hot coffee... All these little easy things we do put us in a cozy environment, however, we never take it for granted, and some actions we take to make us feel safer are not easy for others.
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    At present, many safety barrier designs on the market do not really meet the safety requirements of the on-site working environment, and there have been no official work environment safety barrier norms or standards, because of the lack of on-site safety