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Threaded Rod
  • Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod

Suitable for:Fix the ceiling bracket on ceiling,often match with drop in anchor bolt,flange nut,can be ordered in 3meters length and cut freely in project site

Product description

Part Number
 TY-ROD-M8x1000810001m0.26 kg
830003m0.78 kg
1010001m0.40 kg
1030003m1.20 kg
1210001m0.64 kg
1230003m1.89 kg
1410001m0.85 kg
1430003m2.50 kg

Default Unit: millimeter (mm)

Instruction Manual: 
◆ Suitable for: fixing the threaded rod to the ceiling.
◆ Often used with drop in anchor bolt, flange nut, can be ordered in 3-meter length and cut freely on project site.