Event time: Spring of 2008
Customer from: Australia

Prelude to the event: Spring of 2008 seems a little earlier, just like the order from Australian customer. The customer was anxious and requested that a container of wire mesh cable tray be finished in a few weeks. After a busy time, Vichnet finally finished the container without delay. Just as the Vichnese were feeling happy with the result, the customer reported that the products were not qualified.
The thickness of the zinc plating of Vichnet wire mesh cable tray did not meet Australian standards, and was a few micrometers thinner.
The founder said: He decided to send the whole container to customer for free. In addition, a batch of qualified products will be re-produced to customer. This will be a great loss for Vichnet in the early time of entrepreneurship. However, inspite of the loss, he started to work on this. Experts from Japan and South Korea were invited. They also consulted Australian customers, purchased galvanized testing equipment from Germany, and went to the galvanizing site to instruct in person. The competitors were puzzled by Bo Yu's behavior, saying that the domestic zinc layer thickness can not as thick as Australian's.
Event ending: After a month of overtime, a group of foreigners exclaimed to Vichnet: "Amazing!" . Since then, they have also become a long-term partner of Vichnet.


Event time: In a late night of September, 2010
Customer from: Hangzhou, China

Trust from repeat customer Event time: In a late night of September, 2010 Customer from: Hangzhou, China Prelude to the event: A sales picked a call in the middle of the night. The customer anxiously complained that there was something wrong with the continuing of the project due to the bad quality of wire mesh cable tray. After he hung the phone he reported to the company immediately.
Bo Yu heard about the matter after the night through the supply record, but has not found this customer.
Then the sales called back to the customer to find out what happened. This client had consulted from Vichnet, but finally customer chose other brand due to the high price. Now the there was problem with the wire mesh cable tray, they can not be used in the project, and wanted to find a new vendor.
The sales fully noted that it was not a good deal because of the short delivery time. Just as the sales was about to refuse, the founder Bo Yu said: "this order, we took." The sales was worried: "why? The client has only ever inquired about the price. We haven't been chosen yet. We're not obligated to help them out. Moreover, the construction period is too short, we will spend more labor and material resources, and the price is still the old price..."
The founder went ahead: I know you're on the company's side. However, this project if the acceptance of the problem is the wire mesh cable tray, will give the bad impression of the domestic wire mesh cable tray, people will be more favorable to foreign brands. We have no obligation to defend him, but we have an obligation to defend the Chinese brand.
Event ending: The customer have expressed their admiration for Vichnese's spiritual attitude. It's not only the trust on Vichnet, but also the trust on Chinese brands. Vichnet is always on the way.


Event time: In a late night of September, 2014
Customer from: Germany

Prelude to the event: FOODAWA is a professional service team with global food scientists, food entrepreneurs, food technology experts and business managers as the think tank to promote and provide a complete system of food processing and management. After finding out that there are serious food safety problems in China, the founders of Fuda Foods decided to set up a food safety production demonstration base in China. This is a model factory adhering to the spirit of German craftsmen, with rigorous and meticulous links, and a harsh pursuit of sanitary control, energy saving and environmental protection. It applies an open type of wire mesh cable tray cabling to remove the living and hiding space of rat pests. And it is easier to maintain and clean.
Application of wire mesh cable tray in the plant is new in China.After inquirying several manufacturers, the Alexs got a negative answer.When they were frustrated and ready to find suppliers abroad, the founder said: Vichnet would like to be a volunteer.
What happened: After lots of communications and site surveys, Vichnet's material and quality have been affirmed by the Alexs. SS304 wire mesh cable tray is applied in moistured areas, and it does not rust. Powder coating wire mesh cable tray is for dry areas are beautiful and easy to clean. In addition, the open cabling of wire mesh cable tray, is easy to make elbows on site, any height air routing, easy installation, convenient outlet in any position,which brings more flexibility to the project construction, and prevents the workshop from unsafe cabling. Event ending: In addition to Vichnet's products, Vichnet's philosophy has also been praised by the Alexs. Vichnet developed from a wire mesh cable tray manufacturer to a cable management solution expert, during which, Vichnet won not only the trust of FOODAWA, but also the trust of domestic products in the world.