The 10th Data Center and Electrical Design Summit Forum

Release time: 2021-04-23

On April 23, the "2021 10th China Data Center and Electrical Design Summit Forum" hosted by CDCC kicked off in Beijing. Weicheng and the technical experts in the data center industry gathered together to discuss how to promote the high-quality development of the green data center industry and carry out low-carbon green development under the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" and the era of "new infrastructure". In-depth discussion of all-round and systematic practical application of data center。

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline and the national green energy saving and emission reduction policy guide, the data center is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, large-scale, intensive and rapid deployment. In the context of the "carbon peak, carbon neutral" policy, it is important to ensure data security and stability。

The Internet changes your life and mine, and Weicheng is also changing the Internet in its own way. Weicheng Bridge is changing the way we communicate, making our communication easier and the network environment more convenient. Weicheng bridges provide high utilization and simple solutions for computer room wiring in all walks of life. Through Weicheng's computer room bridge solution, the unchangeable cable in the computer room is changed, and the security and stability of data transmission are better guaranteed. The visual grid bridge realizes a more scientific and professional wiring method, making the production base safer and more hygienic. With its professional and reliable performance, Weicheng bridges continue to meet the needs of the modernization of industrial plants, and fully build the era of Industry 4.0

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