Ningbo Vichnet Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, Vichnet is a national high-tech enterprise committing to the development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent safety protection system.We focus on safety protection for many years and provide customers with a variety of safety protection solutions. As a result, we not only recognized by the market but also become the industry leader gradually.

The company is headquartered in Ningbo National High-tech Zone, and the manufacturing base is located in Beilun , covering an area of 13,276 square meters, with more than 200 employees. Besides, a new base of 45,000 square meters, including a research and development center, a supply center, production plants and talent apartments, is under construction.

2006 Founded Vichnet Technology Company Intelligent Security Protection Expert
60000 Square meter factory building area Involving with style development ,mass production and sales together
More than 200 employees



  • 2006
    Company founded provided cabling and wiring equipment for telecommunication operators
  • Started export business Produced and sold wire mesh cable tray
  • 2009
    Business focus Started electronic business at home and abroad
  • Positioned as an expert Set up a complete product line of cable trays in the computer room
  • 2015
    Participated in the formulation ofthe wire mesh cable tray standards Became the leading brand in the Chinese cable tray industry
  • 2016
    Purchased 12,000㎡ plant in Beilun Series A of 15 million and the company is valued at 150 million
  • 2018
    Purchased 12,00㎡ office space in Hi-Tech Zone Set up a subsidiary named Vichmaterials and product line of environmental protection nickel plating
  • 2019
    Established offline sales department,online and offline sold together Set up a product line of safety fence Leaded the development of four industry standards Won the title of national high-tech enterprise
  • 2020
    Positioned as "Intelligent safety protection expert" Set up a product line of PDU Established new technology research institute Leaded the drafting of national standards for safety fences
  • 2021
    Series B of 30 million and the company is valued at 400 million Preparing for the establishment of national Technology Standard Innovation Base (new factory)