Electrozinc CM50 Wire Mesh Cable Trays
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Electrozinc CM50 Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Product introduction:

1. Technical parameters

Product Name

CM50 Wire mesh cable trays


Wire mesh cable trays


Straight-wire edge



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Q235 steel

Surface Finish


Finish Thickness


Safe work loading

BS EN 61537:2007 Cable Management Clause 10.4

Welding Strength Tests

Min breaking force 1166N


10 years

OEM service


Nearest Port

Ningbo, China

Monthly output

500K meters

Sample order


2. Loading capability of Vichnet wire baskets(Kg/meter)

CM50(height=50mm,wire diameter=5mm)



3. Vichnet Advantages

For wire mesh cable trays, we promised:

★ Vichnet is the only Manufacturer certificated with UL CE for Wire Mesh Cable Trays in China.

★ 10 Years warranty for Wire Mesh Cable Trays and Optical Fiber Cable Trays.

★ ISO9001, GMC approved management system for Wire Mesh Cable Trays.

★ The appointed supplier of Google, Microsoft, SIEMENS, ADM, COCACOL.

★ The first Wire Mesh Cable Trays manufacturer applied MFDC for welding.

★ Customers spread over 100 countries, even in Japan market.

Advantages for EZ wire mesh cable tray

★ We draw down 8mm wire to 5mm to smooth and strengthen the wire.

★ There is no tolerance of our tray size and wire diameter.


 4. Problem


Why the EZ wire mesh cable trays have get rusty? Because the get rusty cable tray have less than 5um zinc coating ,but Vichnet EZ wire mesh cable trays more than 12um zinc coating.

5. Story

wire mesh tray, wire cable tray.jpg

At the early days of Vichnet, due to lack of experiences in the field. And at that time, we only focus on the services, focus on the delivery time, and not did not pay attention to the thickness for the wire mesh cable trays. We made a mistaken which almost caused a bad result. Because of the cable tray marketing standard in China, the thickness of coating of electro-galvanized we produced only 4-5μ at the beginning. However , we knew that the international standard is 12μ at least, which influenced our company's reputation and product’s quality. In Apr, one of our Australasian client confirmed a order with us, who placed a one  40HQ wire mesh cable tray, and when we produced their wire mesh cable trays goods, and the thickness was only about 5μ. After the Australasian client received the good from us, and found that the thickness of the coating for electro-galvanized wire mesh cable trays only have about 5μ, they are very angry with us about it, and ask us why? Finally, even asked for return these cargo. After this accident, our Vichnet understand the importance of product’s quality. Now, our cable tray has passed the Germany Zinc thickness test to guarantee the thickness of coating of electro-galvanized is more than 12μ. And we now sell our goods to all over the world, even in Japan market.

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