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Heavy duty!

Source:   Author: Vichnet Communication Science & Technology Co.,ltd  Time: 2015-04-02 Hit:52

One of our serious client made a loading capacity test of vichnet wire basket cable tray systems.

The wire basket cable tray systems loaded 1200Kg! Without Desoldering!

cable tray basket.jpg

The loading capacity of Vichnet wire basket cable tray systems is the best in the world, 27% better than traditional cable tray.

The reasons behind amazing loading capacity are below four:

  1. Vichnet is the first cable basket manufacturer applied MFDC for welding, which will make wire basket cable tray systems loading capacity better, and the welding joint smoother.

  2. Vichnet draw down 8mm wire to 5mm to smooth and strengthen the wire.

  3. There is no tolerance of Vichnet wire basket cable tray systems' size and wire diameter.

  4. Vichnet wire basket cable tray systems are all Straight edge, it is in conformity with the principle of mechanics, which is more better than the bend ones.

So we are proud because " We are straight"!!

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