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In solar system we used to use conduits or pvc cable tray to support,rounte and protecting cables.

Recently, wire mesh cable tray(also named"cable basket") has been a new trend in the solar system.

Compared with condiuts or pvc cable tray(cable trunking),it's more convenient to install wire mesh cable tray and route the cables. The reports for wire mesh cable trays(cable baskets) in the solar system as below:

· All the components functioned as intended. It was straight forward to assemble the trays and components, easy to install the conductors and the final product looked clean.

· Wire Mesh Cable Trays were efficiently installed with 2 to 4 workers. Workers preferred using cable tray for the DC wire management instead of using conduit saying that it simplified the DC conductor installation. They quickly learned and were able to practice efficient installation methods.

·Homeruns could be individually installed instead of coordinating multiple pulls at the same time.

· Conductors were managed most efficiently when strings terminated closest to the array perimeter and inverters.

· The metrics show that 171kW can be installed in ~9 hours with 3 installers. This did not include terminating the conductors in the inverter with liquid tight flex, installation of covers, zip-ties or ground lugs.

 5.5 hours to install the tray with 3 workers - 171kW.

    3.5 hours to install conductor with 3 workers - 171kW.

· Each string took 4-5 mins to pull and install conductors in cable tray.

· The cable tray construction drawings were effective and should be created for the projects.

The Wire Cable Tray product receives a PASS. Recommend using cable tray on ZS Peak systems to efficiently install the DC conductors.

In solar system, we recommend you to use HDG(hot dip galvanized) wire mesh cable tray, if any other details you need, pls contact us.


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