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Life at Vichnet

A place where you can develop and achieve self-realization

At Vichnet, we recruit talented actively , motivated employees’ potential and provide professional cable basket bracket solutions for our customers.  In return for their talents, we offer competitive salary; health and wellness benefits; a variety of training programs; paid holidays; vacation time and personal development chances.


But more than that, for Vichnet, employees are the most important capital. In the past, we started with the premise we first should strengthen our employees engagement. It was generally accepted that more engaged employees, would also promote problem solving and creativity and better quality work. At Vichnet, you can make an impact. Our unique culture create an environment where great things can be accomplished by cooperation.

Talent development is part of our culture

It’s our goal to provide you with opportunities and resources that enhance your skills and allow you to grow professionally. Personal development is the motive of enterprise development. In Vichnet, you will go trough three stages: Rookie, doves and hawks according to the performance of cable basket bracket solutions sold.A plenty of resource will be provided to enrich your professional skills and help you to grow rapidly. Each performs his own functions and inspire their maximum potential in Vichnet.

Talent development is part of our culture

In Vichne cable basket bracket team, we call our colleagues as “families”. Everyone lend a helping hand if needed without hesitation. Family culture endow Vichnet a strong team cohesion to solve any problem.






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