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How to calculate Vichnet Wire Mesh Cable Tray and accessories?

Source: Vichnet  Author: Joyce Zhang  Time: 2017-05-01 Hit:24

Vichnet is the standard maker of wire mesh cable tray field in China. As a leading brand, Vichnet would like to show you how to calculate the necessary accessories in a project step by step.

1.jpg 1.Firstly, we need to know the size and quantity of wire mesh cable tray needed in the project.Vichnet popular size in data center are like follows: CM100-200-3000-5.0-EZ,CM100-300-3000-5.0-EZ,CM100-400-3000-5.0-EZ.


2.Secondly, to let us know the installation method. Hanging on the ceiling top? Installed on the top of cabinet? Or under the raised floor? Or any other ways?

2.jpg3.Thirdly, to confirm the layout of the project. It would be perfect if you can provide us the drawings. If there is no drawings, just please calculate the quantity of TEE,90°Elbow, Cross,Racks,and Slopes, or other special situation happened in the project.

3.png4.Finally, to calculate the quantity of cable fixer. We need to know the wire diameter and quantity of the cable.

5.jpgNow as you see, the steps of calculating Vichnet wire mesh cable tray are listed as the above. Any doubts about it? If yes, please don't hesitate to contact us as below:

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