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Why Basket Cable Tray for Cable Mangement

Source:   Author: Smile Wang  Time: 2017-01-16 Hit:17

Cable management refers to the installation of equipment to secure cables for electrical services in a building. The term is used for products or workmanship. Cable management is important in information technology (IT), communications, and power distribution.

Cable management both supports and contains cables during installation, and makes subsequent maintenance or changes to the cable system easier. Products such as cable trays, cable ladders, and cable baskets are used to support a cable through cabling routes.

The IT industry needs data cables to be added, moved, or removed many times during the life of the installation. It is usual practice to install "fixed cables" between cabling closets or cabinets. These cables are contained in cable trays etc., and are terminated at each end onto patch panels in the communications cabinet or outlets at the desktop. The circuits are then interconnected to the final destination using patch cords.

Cables can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with, sometimes resulting in devices accidentally becoming unplugged as one attempts to move a cable. Such cases are known as "cable spaghetti".

Here comes the questions- How to better manage cables?

Vichnet recommand wire mesh cable trays instead of traditional cable trays, here is the basic comparation between traditional tray and wire mesh tray as  below.


1.Lower product cost.

2. Getting popular.

3. Easy and fast to install, save labor cost.

4. Less weight, lower shipping cost.

5. Easy line check and cleaning.

6. Faster heat dispersion, it is good for cable and prolongs cable life.

7. Weight loading capacity is 27% stronger than traditional cable trays and cable ladders.880777229592979681.jpg

8. Rat proof.

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