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Returning to China in 2005 after years in Canada, James Bo Yu founded Vichnet, a telecommunication company in prodcuing cable tray at his hometown, with the mission of creating a platform where all employees can have an equal chance of achieving self-realization and attaining life goals.


Having grown up in rural China in the 1960s and 70s, James experienced China’s immense change over the decades. After receiving both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science at Fudan University in 1990, he became a lecturer at East China Normal University. It was during his teaching years that he first took an interest in entrepreneurship. With a few colleagues, he started the Changhua Computer Research Institute, a commercial institute working on internet product development and computer technology application. 

At the turn of the century, catching the tide of immigrating abroad, James moved to Vancouver, Canada with his wife and daughter. Yet, in 2005, grasping the opportunities presented in the ever-growing Chinese economy, James returned to his hometown Ningbo to further his entrepreneurial visions. 

Since its founding, Vichnet China has aimed at creating a platform where employees can grow and achieve self-realization. Because of our amazing team, Vichnet has been able to achieve rapid growth in the past few years despite economic setbacks. Together, we hope to provide our clients world-wide with ever-improving products including various cable trays and services. 

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