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As a GMC Global Qualified Supplier and ISO9001 Quality System approved manufacturer with UL,CUL,CE certificates,Vichnet,with excellent quality and service,has exported cable trays over 100 countries regions,and has been the long-term appointed brand of many Top 500.


1.Vichnet supply with the biggest tray cable way company of Japan-Negurosu Denko Co., Ltd


Because of the good cable way quality and professional service, Vichnet to be the only designated supplier of Negurosu Denko Co., Ltd--the biggest cable tray company. The exports is consistently and continually increasing from 2012 .

For the further development ,under the warm invitation of NEGUROSU DENKO CO.,LTD, a group of Vichnet engineers are in Tokyo, attending JECA FAIR 2013 - 61st Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair.

The JECA Fair is organized by the Japan Electrical Construction Association. It is one of the biggest exhibition in Japan for electrical construction equipment, materials, methods etc. The exhibition has been one of the main events for the electrical construction industry since 1957. Vichnet feel honored to be invited to this event, and so far, Vichnet's wire mesh cable tray and accessory exhibition has attracted great attention.

With regard to future, Vichnet has sufficient reason to expect the better prospect. Reliable wire mesh cable tray, reliable Vichnet!

2.Vichnet in Philippines


As No.1 top professional wire mesh cable tray manufacturer in China,attract many 

importers to pay close attention to our products.

During Nov. 27~ 1 Dec. 2013, the founders James and Jessie visited the 38th Annual National Convention of Institute of Integrated Electrical Enginers of the Philippines ( IIEE) at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Pasay, Metro Manila.


Vichnet attended agent’s exhibition. Pemcor puts Vichnet in the middle. The main promotion product was Vichnet wire mesh cable tray.Better cooperation in order to later,Vichnet supported the agent to design company and had a wire mesh cable tray presentation. Design company would assign Vichnet brand to the biggest Casino project in Philippines.

Vichnet always hold the belief of trying our best to win the satisfactions from customers,

Stick to the value,finally achieve the goal!

3. Vichnet in Chile

图5-Global Process Supplier_Vichnet_Oct 2014.jpg

After Mr. Gibran Daniel Sarras Diaz visited Vichnet in Oct. 2012, Process Global Supplier decided to distribute Vichnet products in Chile.

Mr. Gibran Daniel Sarras Diaz said:

We will be pleased "say something" about Vichnet. We have much to say about the professionalism, quality of service and quality of products offered by "Vichnet" which we have found in You from the first day that we contact you by Internet It is also important to remember our friendship, which we are very proud. 

4. Vichnet in Mongolia


Because Vichnet products quality and team service, Topica Co.,Ltd from MONLIA added Vichnet product line as their one of main product.

Our company was launched with the purpose to introduce leading solutions of Information technology to Mongolia. We have the 9 year’s  experience  of cable installation.

We found the Vichnet company from the internet 4 year’s ago and amazed the solutions  of  the Vichnet  cable products meet our needs. 

Now we already familiar with the products and have the satisfaction for the durability of materials and properly structured design.

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