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1. Employment Guidelines 

1.1) How to Apply 

How to Submit Your Resume 

Each job posting will have a link to a description of the position. If you are interested in applying for a position, send your resume to our email box:

1.2) Response to Your Resume 

If we determine from your application and resume that your knowledge, skills and abilities are compatible with those listed on the description, we will contact you.

>B. Careers Available 1. Sales manager for export department 

*Familiar with and manipulate a B2B platform 

*Fluent oral and written English ability 

*Hard-working, careful, and responsibility 

*Be good at developing new customers independently 

*Familiar with and can accomplish the whole foreign trade process independently 

*Have worked at communication and data centers industry better 

*Have mastered PS, CDR skill better


2. Domestic sales manager 

* Sales team and management experience, has a good sales management skills; Good at management, planning, deploy, grasp the marketing team, reasonable distribution of tasks 

* Good communication skills, good sales training, ability of organization and leadership. 

* Can effective communication industry association, in communication and interaction. 

* Be responsible for organizing the sales operation, including planning, organizing, scheduling, control and review 

* Building and managing sales team, achieve sales target

3. Domestic sales manager assistant 

* Assist sales manager to finish the paperwork, such as; contract, product quotation quotation to write 

* Customer records, mail processing 

* Responsible for selling the product installation, commissioning and after-sales services. 

* The sales representative monitoring accounts receivable, daily use of CRM.


4. Engineer 

*Familiar with CAD software, understand mechanical design 

*Machinery processing industry experience, familiar with the wire cable tray design and process priority.


5. Production manager /workshop director 

* 5 years experiences in mechanical manufacturing company on-site management. 

* Proficient in industry product quality specifications and production standards, familiar with product characteristics and manufacturing process technology manufacturing. 

*Familiar with manufacturing enterprise production, logistic and technology internal operating process. 

* With strong quality management, process optimization, plan as a whole organization, and communication and coordination ability, have a good ability to analyze and solve problems. 

* Have good leadership and active coordination ability communication skills, ability to execute.

6. Welders / Electric welding worker 

* 20-28 years old, welders more than two year work experience, holding welders post operation certificate is a plus 

* Strong ability of judgment and dealing, beginning ability is strong 

* Healthy body can bear hardships and standard hard work, strong sense of responsibility.

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