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Vichnet Mission

To lead the industry and to realize our dreams

Vichnet Vision

To delicate to make our work great works


Vichnet Values

Stay true to others, and to oursleves


Vichnet Team

As a 100% employee-owned company, Vichnet has a creative and self-motivated work team.

Policy committee is an internal institution aimed at assisting the company leadership in pinpointing long-term developmental goals and short-term action plans. By optimizing company policies and exposing existing problems, the committee will be able to help the company operate with greater efficiency.

Policy Committee members are selected through regular internal elections. All departments within the company are represented in the policy committee. With the practical operational expertise each member brings to the table, the committee is capable of effectively increasing the company’s inward and outward mobility in order to help Vichnet adapt to the ever changing market environment of the future.

With a common philosophy, caring and commitment through teamwork, Vichnet team strive to achieve success in delighting our customers and ourselves.

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Based in Ningbo since 2006, Vichnet Technology Co., Ltd established in 2006, is a public company, has been the leading brand of its main product wire mesh cable trays.

Vichnet manufacturers wire mesh cable tray, fiber runner, cable ladder and other cabling products. Its products provide ideal cabling solutions for internet data centers, equipments, wind towers, solar power systems and etc. With the setting up of IDC cable tray department and machine cable tray department, Vichnet is able to provide more professional and turn-key cabling solutions to our customers.

As a GMC Global Qualified Supplier and ISO9001 Quality System approved manufacturer with UL, CUL, CE certificates, Vichnet,  with excellent quality and service, has exported cable trays over 100 countries regions, and has been the long-term appointed brand of many top 500.

Years of mature R&D and production experience, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, excellent products and brand reputation lay a solid foundation for Vichnet industry development. Vichnet branches, Vichsolar, Vichguard and Amainlinepower were set up in recent years, which are aiming to the R&D and sales of diversified products.

It was a new begining for Vichnet to be listed on NEEQ.


Vichnet mesh cable trays/ optical cable tray

1. Have 10 year warranty,

2. Used in over 100 countries,

3. Various SGS tests approved,

4. UL,CUL CE and ISO9001 certifications

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