Data Center: LingYun Data Center

Internet economy is in the ascendant, big data and cloud storage thriving brought a large number of large-scale data center construction. Vichnet Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Fiber Optic Tray, Aluminum Cable Ladder, U-Channel and various types of accessories provides a comprehensive solution with the use of data center for strong, weak electricity and fiber layout. In particular, the open structure of the wire mesh cable tray, can be installed on the basis of the original design, greatly facilitate the construction of the data center when the cable and equipment shift and increase.

Project Case: LingYun Data Center is The project is one of the most advanced China Telecom's data centers in East China. The main use of the project is hanging installation, the project selected Vichnet's wire mesh cable tray, cable ladder and cable fixer and accessories, after the installation the data center looks neat and beautiful.